The Future Freaks Me Out or: What Will We Do with All These NFTs?

Dynamic 3.0
2 min readSep 8, 2021
“Apparitions #895" from the Art Blocks Curated collection

There are too many projects. Every day there’s another animal template, randomly generated features, and drab rewards (all laid out on a roadmap, of course). How many “thriving communities” can really thrive? How many times can we remix the same idea?

How many times?

Apparently, a lot. The collection market feels a hell of a lot like the Nifty Gateway art scene earlier this year — how can there be new art drops every day that always appreciate? The math doesn’t work. Supply and value can only rise in tandem for so long.

This hasn’t stopped me from investing in new projects almost weekly (I’m an addict, plus it’s “for work”), but I have to say I’m ready for somebody to mix it up a little bit. There’s only so many promises of future animated series, mobile games, merch, albums, meetups, etc. etc. etc. I can see before my eyes start to glaze over.

Please, give us something fresh.

This isn’t a rant, it’s a constructively critical love letter to the best community on the planet, the best community I’ve ever (and will ever) stumble upon. I don’t care if the NFT world never hits the next level we all expect it to; I’m here till the wheels fall off. When the hype dies down, who will stick around? (Maybe that should have been the title)

I’m just excited to fast forward to whatever the next step ends up being. Do you ever have that feeling where you know in the moment that it will be nostalgic in a few years? That’s how NFTs feel right now.

This is the simple time; the time where we have the luxury of things moving so slowly, they’re a little boring. It’s internet ca. 2000 but everyone will have an iPhone 5 and glued to their apps before we know it.

I have some ideas; some might even be decent. They’ll stay locked away for a rainy day, or whenever we have a client brave enough to take a risk.




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