NFTs To Help You Find The Best NFTs

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3 min readApr 18, 2022


Do you know what I could use? An NFT that gets me access to the most promising NFTs on the market. Or, an NFT that gives me access to the best analytics about NFTs. This breed of Utility NFTs keeps popping up as a result of a clear market need, with the hope of bringing value and clarity to collectors that are currently struggling to weed out the market noise.

Hundreds if not thousands of new NFT collections drop every day. Many look the same, some have interesting concepts and utility, some are backed by celebrities, and some have innovative use-cases. Because of the chaotic nature of the space, and the overall bullish behavior of buyers, it makes sense that analytic tools that attempt to make sense of the market will start to evolve (and become hype, FOMO NFT collections in their own right.)

Here are a few of those projects that caught my attention and how they describe themselves:


Alpha Sharks is an ecosystem of elite NFT holders that dominate the NFT game with the most advanced NFT sniping tools in the market. Building the most utilitarian Web3 brand, founders are aimed at bringing value for the whole NFT community together on their Shark Token economics.

Mythia: Mythia is how the world’s best NFT investors stay ahead of the market

  • Curated Insider Intel
    Our analysts gather intel from the most exclusive and expensive NFT communities, summarizing it to bring you the most profitable opportunities.
  • Premium NFT Tools
    A suite of powerful tools built to give you an unfair advantage. From rarity sniping to whale trade tracking, and much more, you’ll never miss a beat in the NFT market.

MetaverseHQ: Metaverse HQ is an exclusive discord community run by full-time NFT traders, investors, & enthusiasts.

Do you not have enough time to keep up with the NFT space? Are you looking for guidance & strategy on what to collect? Do you want to be a part of a community that will quickly answer your questions and engages in the thoughtful discussion? We can help! Our Discord provides: — Daily updates on the hottest upcoming drops — Daily summaries on what happened in the NFT world — In-depth strategy write-ups — Real-time access to experts in the field

Gray Boys: Gray Boys are a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that provide membership to The Mothership DAO. Floor prices of great NFT projects are rising and pricing people out of access to amazing utility, content, games, and experiences. The Gray Boys were created as the first project of its kind to proxy ownership of NFTs that a DAO acquires. Proxied ownership gives all Gray Boy holders access to the exclusive owner perks of any NFT held within the DAO vault.

While these collections are all unique, they share a common theme: Providing analytics, access, and expert advice on what NFTs to buy. In the case of Gray Boys, they give holders the ability to collectively vote on what NFTs to purchase for the common benefit of the community. Web3 startups that can harness the best data and make sense of buyer behavior and sentiment, and can deliver this information clearly to consumers, will absolutely crush it in the not too distant future.

What do you think? What tools or resources would you like to see to make sense of the Web3 space?