NFT Hardware: The $1B Door Someone Needs to Walk Through

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3 min readAug 24, 2021

Everybody with NFT artwork wishes they had a way to display them. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on artwork that has no utility; it’s art for art’s sake. The point of art is so you can display it for all to see, right? I enjoy owning it and seeing them in my Nifty Gateway and Opensea wallets, but when I have the ability to display these in my home (or elsewhere), that’s where the rubber really meets the road with NFT artwork.

Imagine a future where you can set your picture frames to have NBA Top Shot highlights and artwork released directly from the athletes to set a vibe for game night, then scenic views and ambient surreal artwork when you’re trying to relax, and something fun and eccentric for a house party.

When we buy pictures or decor to hang on the walls of our living spaces, it’s under the assumption that whatever is purchased will likely live on the walls for some extended period of time — but why? What if we could change it anytime? Sometimes we want our more expensive or gaudy pieces on display, but most of the time it’s just what we want to look at during the day. Maybe it’s time for a creative session so I put up all my weird shit. We would all enjoy this level of control.

This is the digital artwork revolution we’re waiting for, the ability to display Hogwarts-esque moving images in the frames. The picture frame we’re waiting for will do the following:

· Have a link to the owner’s wallet for an easy user experience that enables them to control what’s on display — perhaps by simply downloading an app

· Have a universally recognized attribute to indicate the frame’s content is non-fungible

Which brings us to another benefit — communicating our NFTs’ authenticity. In addition to being able to change the display on a whim, a frame like this would prove that the art moving in the frame was legitimate and purchased.

In a world where ‘non-fungible’ is a core component of ‘NFT,’ authenticity matters. Granted, when was the last time you asked for proof of authenticity on the artwork in someone’s home? When you walk into a hotel lobby, do you examine the corner of the paintings to check if they’re originals or serialized prints? Certainly not.

But owning an NFT is a point of pride for many. And if everyone knows this frame definitely contains an NFT (not just a lookalike animation) and I can use an app to quickly swap around what’s on display in my frames, the future is now.

Imagine: you buy your Samsung NFT frame with the patented purple neon dot in the bottom-left corner that indicates this is indeed an NFT frame. You turn it on for the first time and it uses Bluetooth to sync to your phone and Metamask.

The Samsung app’s dashboard allows you to see all the frames in your apartment and what’s currently displayed, and of course the ability to swap them in and out with ease. Looking for something new? Check out the NFT section in the Android store to get the latest wall art at every price point you can imagine. Think college bookstore poster section, all the way to a curated limited edition of the week, brought to you by Christie’s.

We’ll get there one day.



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