I Can’t Sell It (He Might Be Disappointed)

JUST HODL ON by Young & Sick

(from 9/20/21)

I’m having a difficult time right now. I’m in a position to take a healthy (and quick) profit on the sale of a new NFT by one of my favorite artists.

Surely, even semi-serious collectors have felt the sentimental attachment that comes with owning a piece with great artwork, but this is different — I really like this artwork. Even more importantly, the artist followed me on Instagram (before I followed him) after seeing that I had purchased a few pieces from one of his first drops.

Suddenly it was a whole different connection; sometimes he even replies to my IG stories. It’s like I kinda know this dude now. I wouldn’t want to face him if he somehow saw my sales transaction.

This is a privileged dilemma, but one nonetheless. From a professional perspective it’s valuable information — there are new and superior ways to quantify the emotional value of artistic creations.

I’ve never once blinked at a 10x profit in 72 hours before this experience, which is interesting.

— R.L. Duke



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